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Artist Educators

STLR Entertainment presents and promotes Master Mentor interactive programs, presented by performing artists-educators to receptive, educational institutions, community, cultural, and special needs centers.

STLR’s Artist Mentors

Our network of specialized educators guide students in a process of professional self-discovery. Guided by experienced artist-mentors, students are motivated to achieve goals in their studies and in life.

Andrei Gorbatenko
Music director at San Francisco Academy Orchestra
Cecilia Smith
Lectures at colleges and universities throughout the United States
DJ Lamont
Group and Private DJ courses, including music theory and more
Dr. Pascal Bokar Thiam
Faculty, University of San Francisco’s Performing Arts Department
Kultura Kapwa
Introducing young people to traditional Philippine music, song and dance
Rebecca Roudman
Renowned crossover cellist instructing in the performing arts
Dr. Juan de Marcos
Artist in residence at colleges and universities, cuban jazz instruction
Katrina Wreede
Award-winning composer and violist, working with young musicians
Brooke Alford, The Artist of the Violin
Instruction for all with Violin and Viola

About MMIP’s
Cutting Edge Arts Education

STLR’s “Master Mentor Interactive Program” (MMIP) unites professional artist-mentors with leading schools and universities by providing specialized instruction in the form of virtual online courses, artist in residencies and private or group instruction to foster students’ individualized growth.

MMIP’s focus is to bring students into the “Experience Age” by connecting them with an interactive experience which enhances traditional learning platforms.

Immediate benefits can yield skill growth through demonstrations of applied experience and academics.

The long-term benefits leveraged by experienced STLR’s MMIP mentor networks can lay foundations for post-grad and career development.

MMIP’s deliver high-quality acts, convenience, and fully vetted instructors who provide insight for students.